Online Scientific Conference_2020/7/29_日尼物性セミナー

International Online Seminar: “Advanced Materials Research, in connection with ISMM 2020”

日程:2020年7月29日(金)9:00ー12:00(West Indonesian Time)


講師:Prof. Nakanishi Yoshiki (Iwate Univ., Japan), Prof. Akhmad Herman Yuwono (Universitas Indonesia), Dr. Budhy Kurniawan (Universitas Indonesia)

世話人(moderator)Dr. Agung Imaduddin

Prof. Nakanishi Yoshiki (Iwate Univ., Japan)

Ultrasonic measurement is a powerful experimental technique that probes the linear charge response of materials. In particular, it has been widely used to gain into understanding quadrupolar degrees of freedom and their relevant interactions and/or fluctuations in d-electron and f-electron systems. In this talk I will give our recent results of ultrasonic measurements on highly correlated electron systems under extreme experimental conditions involving low temperatures, high magnetic fields and high pressures. Specifically I will show quantum criticality of PrV2Al20 and elastic anomalies associated with successive structural phase transition in Cd2Re2O7, which demonstrate that quadrupolar degrees of freedom play a crucial role in emergence of their exotic ground states and enhancement of quantum fluctuations in the both systems.

I sincerely hope that this event will help continue and deepen the mutual understanding and also further friendly relationships between our two countries. I also hope that this will boost academic and scientific research collaboration.